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    预览 CIMembership - CodeIgniter Users Manager 等待分享

    CIMembership – Best and only one up-to-date CodeIgniter Membership Script in envato CIMembership is a CodeIgniter 3.0.2 based, fully featured User Management System and Membership Script with variety of options, like built-in-installer, user groups, user permissions, social logins(facebook...
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    预览 CakeReady : CakePHP Ready Admin With ACL Plugin 等待分享

    A CakePHP Ready Admin With Authentication And ACL Plugin Manager for any project. We are using CakePHP Version : 2.5.2 Stable. CakeReady is fully loaded with useful plugins which is require for any projects. Fully Plugin Based Admin panel. Demo Admin Detail Url ...
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    预览 CakePHP 2.X - AclManager 等待分享

    CakePHP ACL Manager, integrable into any existing system. Simplifies user management and Group by Click’s process. Automatic detection and management of CRUD Authorization Mode. Plugin based on Ajax and Bootstrap. Login Demo: User: admin Pass: admin
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    预览 SeedApp 等待分享

    Description SeedApp help you to create your own web application faster. With prepared users management, easy-to create CRUD modules, image handling and more sample modules and features you can focus on your application idea. All is implemented in modern Zend framework 2 and AngularJS. As...
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    预览 Dynamic Admin Panel 等待分享

    ‘Dynamic Admin Panel’ is an Admin Panel with both working front-end and back-end. It is created because of frustration with ‘static’ Admin Panel, which only works on the front-end, and difficult to integrate with back-end (PHP and MySQL). ‘Dynamic Admin Panel’ main objective is to speed up web...
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    预览 EmployeeBook Employee Management System 等待分享

    Summary EmployeeBook is a simple CodeIgniter based system that helps organizations manage employees. It can be used by all organizations. Some of the main features are user management, task management, role management and leave management. Demo Credentials Admin Login: Demo URL : Demo Admin...

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