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Link: AIO - Radio Station Player :: Control Panel
Username: admin
Password: password

  • Responsive
  • HTML5 Audio API with Flash as Fall-back
  • Supports: Shoutcast, Icecast, SAM Broadcaster, Radionomy, Centovacast and Direct information from stream it self using ICY-METADATA
  • Multi-channels with per channel settings
  • Multi-language support based on Browser locale
  • Multi-bitrate – stream quality selection (optional)
  • Mobile optimized (iOS and Android may not allow auto play)
  • LastFM, EchoNest and iTunes API support or Custom Artist Images
  • Written in HTML5 & CSS3 with use of scalable graphics
  • Advanced Control Panel for easy management
  • Track Listen history based on Track Information (Not actual Stream History!)
  • Comes with three themes: Material Light, Material Dark and HTML5 Radio Player!
  • Custom Color Schemes
  • Save user preferences in a Cookie (optional)
  • Play-list generation on the fly using PHP.
  • Fully commented and clean code
  • Add your Google Analytics with ease
  • Optimized for High Performance
  • Built-in API which allows you to easily show player status on your main web site
  • Built-in update script for quick updates
  • And much much more…
Note: AAC+ Codec is not supported by this player!

Player may work without the specified requirements bellow, but I do not offer support with those configurations. Use at your own risk!

  • PHP 5.3+ with CURL Extension
  • Script must have access to the stream port (Shoutcast uses port 8000 by default)
  • MP3 based stream (OGG can be used in combination with MP3)
  • For currently playing artist / title you need one of supported API’s
  • LastFM OR EchoNest API key for artist images (optional)
  • PHP ZipArchive extension for updates system (optional)
  • TLS & SNI support packed with PHP, most providers already have this (required for update version 1.16 and above)
Platforms and Browsers

  • Windows: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE9, IE10+
  • OSX: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera
  • iOS: Mobile Safari: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Android 2.3+: Chrome, Firefox, Opera and most other mobile browsers
  • Blackberry: OS 7 Phone Browser, PlayBook Browser
Update History

Updates are no longer available through Codecanyon. Since version 1.15 updates are only available through item control panel.

Update 1.20 (28.04.2016):
- Fixed: Firefox issue with irregular channel names
- Fixed: Issue which prevented deleting channels on the channels tab
- Updated: List of ROOT certificates for the updates system (should work normally now)

Update 1.19 (8th April 2016):
- Fixed: Update system now uses secure and verified SSL connection to download updates
- Fixed: Additional Slovenian language is now using a valid ISO code
- Fixed: Issue introduced in 1.18 where last played channel did not load at next visit
- Fixed: Rare CURL issue saying that "CURL_FOLLOWLOCATION" is restricted by open_basedir
- Fixed: Issue where debugging was always enabled and could not be set to "log-only"
- Added: Ability to define how channels should be sorted (ASC, DESC or CUSTOM)
- Updated: Some control panel styles and elements including notifications
- Changed: Completely rewritten and simplified languages feature
- Changed: Connection Debugging system has been heavily improved
- Changed: The artist images manager now uses scroll bars when list grows bigger

Update 1.18 (29th March 2016):
- Fixed: Problem where LOGO did not properly scale in Internet Explorer 9
- Fixed: An issue where player may not detect channels under certain behaviour
- Fixed: Issue with Firefox and IE where certain channel names did not load properly
- Added: More flat colors for the custom color schemes generator
- Changed: Update system was updated to run a post-update event(s)
- Changed: The login screen has been re-designed

Update 1.17 (2nd March 2016):
- Fixed: Minor problem with JPlayer where "Play" did not always work right after "Stop"
- Fixed: Android / iOS problem where audio playback did not start after clicking "Play"
- Added: Title to the HTML5 Audio Element (Might show up in car audio/other devices)
- Changed: The player will now change current channel on hash change event (#channel)
- Changed: Track history table now has consistent table cell widths
- Removed: Some deprecated javascript features like "escape" and "unescape"

Update 1.16 (8th February 2016):
- Fixed: Minor issue with panel navigation when there is no page selected
- Improved: System against brute force attacks now uses server based storage
- Added: Direct Stream method now also works with OGG codec based streams (Icecast2+)
- Added: Option in the control panel to change default player volume for new listeners

Update 1.15 (1st December 2015):
- Fixed: Problems where saving channels or general settings didn't apply immediately
- Fixed: Issue where Artwork images did not display while API Key was missing
- Fixed: Duplicated naming where Dark & Light Theme were both shown as "Light Theme"
- Fixed: Default image did not get removed when image with different extension was uploaded
- Added: Ability to get images from Centova Cast API ( Prioritized before other API's )
- Added: Support for alternative artist images API's EchoNest and iTunes
- Added: "History" tab which is listeners listen history and NOT actual stream history
- Changed: Source code has been reformated for easier browsing (for developers)
- Changed: SVG pre-loaders which were using soon to be deprecated animations to GIF
- Changed: Minor style changes to improve responsive modes and general design

Update 1.14 (6th September 2015):
- Fixed: Problem where timer sometimes displayed 00:010 instead of 00:10 at track timer
- Fixed: Performance issue where player still attempted to get stats when disabled
- Fixed: Issues with JQuery based Image Cropping feature (Custom Artist Images)
- Added: Option to completely change player debugging features
- Added: When using updater color schemes created by control panel will be updated
- Added: Warning message, delete and view actions in case player error log exists
- Changed: Further improve error handling for various responses from API's
- Changed: Minor color scheme changes for the default light and dark themes
- Changed: Primary control panel font-family to be more consistent across platforms

Update 1.13 (21st July 2015):
- Fixed: Empty twitter message issue
- Fixed: A rare PHP issue where login, save and submit buttons didn't work
- Fixed: Issue where artist images did not always display properly
- Added: An option to set default channel, used if the user has no cookie or hash
- Added: When using playlist files the player will now stop to save bandwidth
- Updated: Re-written Change log and greatly improved "Update History" view
- Changed: All the player cookies are now valid for 365 days (1 year)
- Changed: Player now uses HTML5 as Primary solution and Flash Fall-back as secondary
* Note that this may fix Audio Shuttering issues, Playback issues on older Android devices and more...

Update 1.12 (19th July 2015):
- Fixed: Player's auto play function, this bug was introduced with last update

Update 1.11 (17th July 2015):
- Fixed: A issue with Shoutcast V1 not returning artist / title information
- Fixed: A rare issue with player status text not properly changing
- Added: Ability to test connection/debug direct stats method
- Added: Option to use Radionomy artist images before LastFM or the uploaded images
- Changed: The "Channel Edit" page design

Update 1.10 (7th June 2015):
- Fixed: Volume Slider (unpredicted selection of various texts while moving slider)
- Fixed: M3U play-list mime-type for QuickTime, it should work properly now
- Fixed: issue where JPlayer error messages are hidden after full player load
- Fixed: issue with channel logo not reseting to default when image is missing
- Added: An option (Advanced Tab) to test connections for all added channels (Firewall blockage test)
- Changed: Player's User Agent which may improve compatibility with some firewalls
- Changed: Moved Panel style sheet to external file (panel.style.css)
- Improved: Updates page design and updated descriptions
- Improved: Player's responsive design and code, less overlapping now
- Improved: Various other minor fixes and improvements on the player and panel style
- Updated: Volume bar will now resize with the player till to a point it can't co-exist

Update 1.09 (22nd May 2015):
- Added: Support for Google Analytics (insert your code under Settings tab)
- Changed: Player title will now also change control panel title
- Changed: Redesigned control panel login page, now also shows script version
- Changed: Few other minor changes and re-phrases of certain descriptions
- Updated: Caching class to v2.5 which includes various fixes and improvements
- Updated: Control Panel styles for upcoming design changes (CDN Based CSS Framework)
* When updating manually please delete files with extension .cache in /tmp/cache/ directory

Update 1.08 (15th May 2015):
- Fixed: Compatibility with Bootstrap CSS framework (Requires re-compile of custom color schemes)
- Added: Behavior which will tweet player title and channel instead of "Various Artists - Unknown Track"
- Added: API support to allow external JSONP requests to the player for various information (see docs!)
- Added: Logging for failed authorization attempts. After 3 attempts the IP is logged to "auth.bans.log" file
- Changed: Few minor text's in the index file where we use {$VARIABLE} instead of PHP for various texts
- Changed: Control Panel home page name from status to home and disabled auto play on "Example" player

Update 1.07 (4th May 2015):
- Added: Option to parse stats from external URL in plain text format (Artist - Title)
- Added: A function that periodically checks for updates while browsing any "Control Panel" pages
- Changed: Update script will now run in background even after aborted request (Ensure that update is not interrupted)
- Changed: Moved style sheets to <HEAD> to speed up rendering on some browsers
- Changed: Stats cache time from 10 seconds to specified "Stats Refresh Speed" value

Update 1.06 (28 March 2015):
- Fixed: SAM Broadcaster Query (it was not properly returning most recent data)
- Fixed: Mozilla Firefox Artist image animation
- Fixed: few Mozilla Firefox CSS issues (Responsive code)
- Changed: default value for player height (Ensure cross browser compatibility)
- Changed: Few other minor changes and fixes to the player and panel

Update 1.05 (25 March 2015):
- Added: A small JQuery plug-in to replace normal select boxes (Control Panel)
- Added: A function to delete channel logo file when channel is deleted
- Added: Support for SVG Channel logo uploads (no optimization is done)
- Added: Option to change size of play-list icons
- Changed: Player(s) play-list icons with SVG icons (Scalable Graphics)
- Changed: Player title construction when "Dynamic Title" is enabled
- Changed: Artist image size to 280 x 280 pixels (High DPI display support)
- Changed: Channel logo image resolution to times two (High DPI display support)
- Changed: default logo that comes with AIO Radio Station Player
- Changed: RealTime player to VLC since the VLC is much more popular (Play-lists)
- Updated: LastFM parser to get better quality images if available

Update 1.04 (20 March 2015):
- Fixed: A issue when downloading updates caused CURL Timeout before completion
- Added: An Option "Dynamic Title" which shows on air information in window title (POPUP only)
- Changed: The way artist images rename function works (no more useless dots)
- Updated: Minor control panel styles and elements

Update 1.03 (14 March 2015):
- Fixed: default Track Regex for older PHP versions
- Added: few more animations to the player (e.g.: Artist image zoom on hover)
- Added: SVG mime-type to the attached .htaccess file
- Added: option to change Facebook share image (URL to the image)
- Disabled: JPlayer debug logs (for production use)
- Disabled: Limit on Player Description field (not required)

Update 1.02 (3th March 2015):
- Fixed: PHP 5.3 compatibility (json_encode does not accept JSON_PRETTY_PRINT argument)

Update 1.01 (2nd March 2015):
- Fixed: Issue where invalid image was displaying on facebook share
- Fixed: Issue with mute/unmute button which did not always work
- Added: Option to customize embed player width and height in Control Panel
- Added: Regex function to parse Shoutcast, Icecast and Centovacast URL
- Added: More predefined FLAT colors for color schemes compiler
- Added: More hover title descriptions in the player (e.g. Play button description)
- Changed: jQuery version from 2.1.3 to 1.11.2 (Improved older browsers support)
- Removed: Useless language preferences (Channels List & Settings input's shown twice)

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