Current Version 2.991 (Released: May 15, 2016)
The Most Feature-rich FB Publishing/Marketing Tool.

Facebook Multi Page/Group Poster (FBMPGP) is the easiest yet a very powerful way of publishing to unlimited Facebook Pages and Groups. Quickly post your content to all or a selection of your Groups and Pages.
FBMPGP gives you the best way to market your business products, promote your Facebook Fan Pages, Business Pages and Personal Pages and to obtain a boost in your Facebook campaigns, traffic and likes.
An excellent tool for personal and commercial usage alike.
Facebook Multi Page/Group Poster allows you to post five different types of content to multiple Facebook pages, Facebook Fan-pages and Facebook groups in one go.

Managing, publishing and scheduling to your profile, all your pages and all your groups is a piece of cake with this application.
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Unique Features

  • Five different post types supported. Status, Links, Photos, Album Photos and Videos.

  • Supports unlimited user accounts. No Facebook Application review submission needed. No manual role assignments needed for new users.

  • Post online photos/images to pages. Supports adding photos to page’s albums as well.

  • Integrated Image proxy. To post online photos which are otherwise unavailable for direct upload to Facebook.

  • Provides ability to directly upload online videos to Facebook. Supports posting YouTube & Dailymotion videos to pages and groups, not just as an embedded external player, but uploaded directly to Facebook, playable as Facebook’s videos

  • Post Variables. Auto-populate post content with variables. See Supported Variables List here

  • Post Presets. Supports saving Posts for future use, as well as creating categories of Groups/Pages selections

  • Configurable Pause. Supports automatically pausing user’s posting process for specified time, after a configurable number of posts.

  • Promote your pages and get more traffic by publishing any post to page, getting its generated link and publishing that link to multiple groups at once. Your fan-pages are sure to receive much more traffic and LIKES.

  • Configurable delay between consecutive posts. A safeguard from Facebook blockage.

  • Administrator can set minimum delay and default delay shown to users.

  • Shows result of each post submission whether error or success.

  • Does not need MySQL Server. Uses fast SQLite Databases for storage.

  • Powerful Admin Panel for setting script options and managing users.

  • Multiple Languages supported. English, Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish & Urdu. Easy process to add new languages. Posting can be done in any language

  • Supports Themes and includes several built-in themes

  • Logo, content & color customization options for themes in the admin panel
Other Features

  • Schedule pages’ posts ahead of time, as far as six months from current date.
  • Schedule postings to Groups, Pages & Profile.
  • Supports embedded images in posts.
  • Supports uploading images directly from computer/mobile for posting.
  • Supports view/edit Access Tokens. Use Graph API Explorer token, or any other token.
  • Keeps the server clutter-free by utilizing IMGUR API for image uploading.
  • Complete customization for posting links in pages and groups. Change Title, caption, message and other aspects of the link.
  • Post to multiple Facebook groups.
  • Delete unnecessary pages and groups from listing.
  • Import Groups via File
  • Option to auto remove restricted groups during groups import.
  • SPINTAX and nested SPINTAX support for content randomization
  • Completely white labeled post generation. Use your own Facebook app to post to Facebook.
  • Extremely easy to use navigation and post creation process.
  • Modern, mobile friendly and responsive theme.
  • Safe, secure, fast and multi-user capable script.
  • Integrated script updater for hassle free script updating,
  • Clean, clear, well commented and well indented code.
  • Easier to modify with separate language files and modular code.
  • Compatible with latest Facebook API v.2.6
Detailed help file included for quick setup and understanding the operation of script.

About Live Preview

  • Some functionality is limited in the online demo. Please Buy this script for full functionality.
    Login Info for Live Preview:

    You may Sign-Up / Register yourself to test publishing to your own pages and groups.
    If you do not wish to sign-up, you may use the login credentials below:
    Username: multi
    Password: multi
    Admin Panel:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin
Any questions, confusion or suggestion, please read the FAQs section at:
FBMPGP Frequently Asked Questions
Also, please feel free to ask in comments. We’ll be glad to help as soon as possible.

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Please note that you will not be able to post to CLOSED groups if you are not an Admin. This is due to an FB API issue. However, you may use another access token for this purpose.
Update History

The script will be updated regularly with new features and bug-fixes.
To update, simply upload the new version to the same folder on your hosting, overwriting ALL files. Your existing settings and users will be preserved. Beginning v.2.3 and afterwards, you can also update from within the script’s Admin Panel. Below is a changelog for the current and previous versions.

Current Version 2.991 (May 15, 2016):
New Feature: Compatibility with FB API v.2.6
Improved: Groups import via file.
Version 2.99 (February 5, 2016):
Improved: Access Token input, can now put full URL with access token.
Version 2.98 (January 242016):
New Feature: Auto-update check on entering Admin Panel.
Fixed: A few minor errors.
Version 2.97 (January 11 2016):
New Feature: Removed mandatory tester role & FB phone verification. Register & start posting via Access Token.
New Feature: Access token video tutorial help by clicking [?] where shown.
Version 2.95 (December 6, 2015):
New Feature: User configurable posting pause. (Uses CRON). (Suggestion from alipir)
New Feature: Added Hindi Language.
Improved: CRON posting process.
Improved: CRON logging.
Improved: CRON run delay can now be set as low as 1 minute.
Fixed: CRON posting errors.
Version 2.91 (November 13, 2015):
New Feature: Compatiblity with FB API v.2.5.
New Feature: View/Edit Access Token.
New Feature: Auto remove CLOSED/PRIVATE groups during groups import.
New Feature: Can now change Admin Password from admin panel.
New Feature: Option to disable auto group filtering on import, from User CP.
Improved: Metro theme including proper footer positioning. Available as Metro - v2.
Improved: Increased groups file upload size (Now 6MB max).
Fixed: A few language spelling errors.
Version 2.81 (August 7, 2015):
New Feature: Option to select server based delay if CRON enabled.
New Feature: Added pre-install checks for requirements and before update.
New Feature: Delete pages/groups alongwith delete all (Custom Mod by JustbeGood).
Improved: Delay selection increased to 1800 secs.
Improved: CRON posting. Will stop posting already scheduled posts, if disabled from Admin Panel.
Fixed: User Full names not appearing (Refresh Token required) (Thanks to cyprint).
Fixed: Some admin options causing error in update.
Fixed: Admin options like footer etc, disappearing after some time.
Fixed: Bug in browser based delay.
Fixed: Some PHP notices.
Version 2.74 (July 16, 2015):
Improved: Size limit for manual groups file (Now 5 MB)
Improved: CRON listing. Now includes delete ALL & delete ALL per user.
Version 2.73 (July 15, 2015):
New Feature: Ability to change Cron delay in Admin Panel
New Feature: Ability to specify maximum posts on each CRON run
New Feature: Manual import of FB Groups
Improved: Full Compatibility with FB API v.2.4
Improved: Parsing of groups file
Fixed: Fixed cURL SSL errors
Fixed: Fixes of subtle left-over bugs in code
Version 2.61 (June 19, 2015):
New Feature: Post Content Presets with Groups/Pages Selection Saving
Improved: User Deletion procedure
Fixed: A potential security bug (Thanks to Azamet90 for pointing out)
Fixed: Integrated Updates not working with French Language
Fixed: Hardcoded widths of Post and Clear buttons
Fixed: Facebook Numeric ID finder link
Fixed: User approval/disabling button not working
Version 2.51 (May 31, 2015):
New Feature: Auto clear form after post (Custom Request by Morty).
Fixed: Errors in Arabic Language (Thanks to Ammar Yaser).
Fixed: Scripts (Analytics etc.) not working in 'Additional Footer' Admin option.
Version 2.5 (May 25, 2015):
New Feature: Added Spanish Language ( Contributed by: Alexander Sarassa Becerra )
Fixed: Bug in SPINTAX processing.
Version 2.4 (May 19, 2015):
New Feature: Post Content Variables. Auto-populate post content.
Improved: SPINTAX support now encompasses all post fields, including URLs.
Version 2.3 (May 15, 2015):
New Feature: Integrated script updater accessible from Admin Panel
New Feature: Mobile friendly responsive theme, Metro
New Feature: Direct image uploading using Imgur API.
New Feature: Added French language
New Feature: Dailymotion video support for direct publishing to Facebook
Improved: Theme structure. No hard coded UI modules
Fixed: Bugs in user sign-up module allowing duplicate emails and IDs.
Version 2.2 (April 5, 2015):
New Feature: Additional new theme FBMPGP-modern
New Feature: Footer option in Admin Panel now accepts HTML and JavaScripts
New Feature: Added Portuguese language
New Feature: Require Approval option for New User Registrations
New Feature: User registration and last activity dates in Admin Panel
New Feature: Search and Filter options in Users' list
New Feature: User disable messages/reasons
Improved: Full compatibility with latest FB API v.2.3
Improved: Video error details and descriptions
Improved: Users' list significantly. More sorting options
Improved: Script speed with image cache and CSS & JS minification
Fixed: Insufficient Permissions error on Facebook Pages
Fixed: Language in User CP for not granted permissions always in English
Fixed: Text inside text-boxes unreadable on mobile devices
Fixed: Time-zones not taking into account DST modifications
Fixed: Some PHP notices emitted by script
Version 2.1 (April 1, 2015):
New Feature: Photo, album & video posts to groups. (Previously were posted as links)
New Feature: Users can choose their own interface language
New Feature: Added Indonesian and Thai Languages
Improved: Speed of video posts. Now videos are posted almost immediately
Improved: API calls now explicitly specify version information
Improved: Token handling in CRON posts
Fixed: Facebook 25 groups/pages only problem
Fixed: Incorrect strings in Turkish Language (Thanks to Huseyin Turgut)
Fixed: Inconsistencies in right-to-left interface languages
Fixed: Unrecognizable characters in pages' or groups' names
Fixed: Bug which allowed all numeric usernames
Fixed: Timezone selection reverting to first item on pressing 'Clear' button
Fixed: Creation of redundant mp4 files in main folder
Version 2.0 (March 12, 2015):
New Feature: SPINTAX Support (nested spintax also supported)
New Feature: Multiple Interface Languages. English, Arabic, Turkish, German & Urdu
New Feature: Separate Language Files for easier addition of new languages
New Feature: Multiple Themes
New Feature: Option to change logo, title and footer
New Feature: Interface Colors Customization
New Feature: Ability to change Application ID & Secret
New Feature: Modern Responsive Theme
New Feature: Access Token Validity Informations & Re-issuance
Improved: Authentication messages during sign-up process
Improved: Simplified installation and App Admin Token installation process
Improved: Documentation and user guide
Improved: CRON error handling
Fixed: CRON deletion bug
Fixed: CRON posting bug if message contained comma or double quotes
Fixed: Missing Permissions during sign-up
Fixed: Various PHP notices emitted by the script
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