Low Poly Trees and Vegetation 1.0

Unity Low Poly Trees and Vegetation 1.0 3D模型/植物/树,价格:免费/Free,大小:47.2 MB

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    47.2 MB
    Suburbia Games
    Unity 5.3.8 或更高版本

    Asset composed by trees of different typical locations like city, desert, forest or country. Also there are different vegetation like different grass, bushes, bamboo and plants.
    Include 79 meshes and 367 variations with the included materials.
    With the content of this asset you can design a different environments like deserts, forests, cities or fields. Although we created some different textures, all the objects were being textured in order to change the image and achieve the range of colours of your project.
    Technical Details:
    Meshes: 79 items
    [#] Object Type
    [4] Bamboo
    [4] Bush basic
    [1] Bush deco
    [6] Bush fence
    [4] Bush flower
    [1] Bush fruit
    [6] Bush plant
    [9] Cactus
    [3] City tree
    [3] Desert tree
    [5] Dry tree
    [2] Fruit tree
    [8] Grass basic
    [2] Trunk tree
    [5] Log tree
    [5] Palm tree
    [3] Pine tree
    [3] Park city tree
    [3] Snow pine tree
    [2] Trunk tree
    Maps: 2 maps
    [1] Objects Map
    [1] Demostration Map
    Number of Meshes: 79 items
    Number of Prefabs: 367 items
    Vertex Count: 20 to 1736
    Collision: Yes (automatically generated)
    Number of Master Materials: 16 materials
    Number of Textures: 16 textures