Stone covering (Package №1) 1.0

Unity Stone covering (Package №1) 1.0 贴图和材质,价格:免费/Free,大小:636.4 MB

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    636.4 MB
    Unity 5.6.1 或更高版本
    [​IMG]程式化的材料,PBR,石头覆盖,高分辨率纹理(分辨率)。裂土含量为20单位的材料。面具的心态,闭塞,高度也有分辨率(分辨率)。粗糙度掩模位于基色纹理的alpha通道中。 技术细节: 1)材料数量:20 2)纹理尺寸(分辨率) 3)纹理基色(粗糙度的α掩码)的数目:20 4)法线贴图的数目:20 5)面膜的次数(粗糙度、metalness,环境闭塞):20 6)预期的平台(Windows,Mac,所有的iOS,Android,PS4,Xbox One,Oculus) 7)平台测试:Windows 8)文件包括:不需要
    Stylized materials PBR, stone covering, high-resolution textures (2048x2048). Material of cracked soil in an amount of 20 units. Masks of mentality, occlusion, heights also have a resolution (2048x2048). The Roughness Mask is in the alpha channel of the base color texture. Technical Details: 1) Number of material: 20 2) Texture size: (2048x2048) 3) The number of texture base color (alpha mask of roughness): 20 4) The number of normal map: 20 5) The number of mask (roughness, metalness, ambient occlusion): 20 6) Intended platform: all (Windows, Mac, PS4, IOS, Android, Xbox One, Oculus) 7) Platform Tested: Windows 8) Documentation included: Not needed