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ANpopup (Awesome Newsletter Popup) for Everyone, Every site

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With ANpopup (by PreScriptZ.com), you may easy add a floating newsletter popup into any PHP-based web page, any Wordpress theme (or all themes), any Joomla template (or all templates), any other PHP-based platforms: phpBB, Drupal, SMF, Opencart, Magento, Zencart, vBulletin, Xenforo, … with just 1 include statement.

ANpopup (Awesome Newsletter Popup) has many PROS

ANpopup has many PROS if compared with others: it has a reOpen floating button at bottom-right when the popup is closed; this reOpen button absolutely is able to impress your visitors with many animations & effects, make them click it many times to show your popup.
Go along with this reOpen button, ANpopup released with Show on Leaving feature, it would predict when your visitors want to leave your site, then show out the popup again. This feature is combination of actions, is going to be fired when one of functions occur:
  • Visitors wanna close window/tab
  • Minimize browser window
  • Change browser tab
  • Click on external links
  • Go to other websites by typing
Caution: if you’re using Wordpress, let try ANpopup for Wordpress

Customize Look & Feel Quickly and Easily

ANpopup has many features you can choose to enable/disable with just 1 click:

Easy connect to 3rd-Part Subscribe Services

Awesome Admin Control

Caution: if you’re using Wordpress, let try ANpopup for Wordpress


07/17/2014 - v1.0.3
- Wordpress plugin released
- Documentation released
- fixed default theme to show popup better on very small screen sizes
- Configs page works all screen sizes very well now
- ability to enable/disable popup temporarily

07/07/2014 - v1.0.1
- first release

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