Sleepless Shell Casing Ejection 1.0

Unity Sleepless Shell Casing Ejection 1.0 脚本/特效,价格:$5.00,大小:38.7 MB

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    38.7 MB
    Sleepless Entertainment
    Unity 5.5.0 或更高版本

    兼容性:Unity 5 x如果你从相机中移除高级图像效果
    脚本语言:C #


    Sleepless Shell Casing Ejection is a script that is simply dragged onto your players weapon prefab, with a few simple settings available to customise your effect, the rest is taken care of, for you.

    Compatibility: Unity 5.x if you remove the Advanced Image Effects from the Camera
    Script Language: C#

    I developed this script because I wanted a simple and realistic shell casing ejection effect that was tiny in performance impact, but highly effective in adding to the realism of combat.

    Shell Casings are ejected from the weapon wherever you need it placed, adhering to gravity and colliding with both terrain and other shell casings. It includes sound effects for both of these collisions.