Coffee Auto Patcher System 1.0.1

Unity Coffee Auto Patcher System 1.0.1 完整项目/系统,价格:$20.00,大小:37.2 MB

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    37.2 MB
    Unity 5.5.0 或更高版本


    系统自带的额外部署应用建立在WPF和C #使用Amazon S3的后端。

    包中附带了一个完整的PDF指南,建立一个新的Amazon S3帐户和配置使用咖啡自动补丁手动补丁部署CDN或任何filehost和WPF的源文件整合。





    测试Unity 5 +
    The Coffee Auto Patcher Patching System is designed to get updates of your game into your players hands automatically with no interaction from the player.

    The Coffee Auto Patcher can be fully customized and personalized by you and works with any CDN or File Host.

    The system comes with additional Deployment applications built in WPF and C# using Amazon S3 on the backend.

    The package comes with a full PDF guide on setting up a new Amazon S3 account and full configuration for using the Coffee Auto Patcher with manual Patch Deployment to any CDN or Filehost and integration of the WPF Source Files.

    -System can be integrated into any Windows or Mac Platform project in under 5 minutes.

    -Easy to use, import into project and set your options.

    -Coffee Auto Patcher will automatically download just the necessary file updates for your players to ensure that you save precious bandwidth.

    -Comes with full Source Code for both the Launcher and Deployment WPF apps for you to customize to your liking in additional to the Coffee Auto Patcher

    Tested in Unity 5+