Sprite Swapper 1.0

Unity Sprite Swapper 1.0 编辑器扩充/2D与图片管理,价格:$20.00,大小:141.4 kB

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    141.4 kB
    Psynautic Games LLC
    Unity 5.2.1 或更高版本
    [​IMG]雪碧交易者是雪碧交换效用创造方便交换层的像素风格的精灵人物和其他资产。 脚本允许用户绑定不同的层动画参数,允许开发人员建立多个雪碧床单和交换他们,以改变服装,盔甲,头发,或武器-所有这些都可以有自己的层。 包含注释的完整代码。
    Sprite Swapper is a sprite swapping utility created to allow easy swapping of layers on pixel-style sprite characters and other assets. The scripts allow users to bind different layers to Animation Parameters, allowing developers to build multiple sprite sheets and swap them in order to change clothing, armor, hair, or weapons - all of which can have their own layer. Full code is included with comments.