SBP Vehicle Physics 2.0 1.0

Unity SBP Vehicle Physics 2.0 1.0 完整项目/样板,价格:$40.00,大小:19.6 MB

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    19.6 MB
    SpyBlood Games
    Unity 5.2.2 或更高版本







    干净,文件的代码,用C #
    - 7 Low poly,但伟大的车辆模型,让你开始你的游戏。(包括所有纹理)
    - 2个场景,(移动和桌面)预先为您发挥周围。
    -易于和可定制的车辆行为(抓地力,漂移,标准) -加载更多!。

    另外,没有粗糙的垃圾收集进行初始化和销毁对象不断在运行。事实上,每个车辆在运行期间需要大约1.2% CPU!。

    特别感谢Vertigo Games的卡车模型,特别是从他们的极端车辆包。眩晕的网页游戏 极端的车辆包


    Play web demo - Download Android demo

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    The SBP Vehicle Physics Kit is back, new and better than ever!

    With loads of new features and fun, realistic vehicle behavior, this is an essential for your driving game.
    Officially Compatible with Edy's Vehicle Physics and Realistic Car Controller, this is an asset you know you can trust.
    All scripts are well documented with comments, and well organized within the Components tab.
    also, there's no more simple .txt documentation file. Instead, a descriptive documentation is included with easy step by step instructions on how to set up a scene from scratch. Detailed images are also included. Also, no complex curve editing or custom gear ratio setting in order for you to get fun vehicle physics. just drag and drop, hit play, and let the carnage begin!

    You can easily interrogate this package into your project. Don't waste any more valuable development time for the package to import.
    SBP Vehicle Physics creatively uses Unity's standard Wheel Colliders by manipulating them in many different ways to create cool vehicle behavior such as:

    -Realistic E-Brake turns
    -Tire effects for road and dirt
    -And More!

    The features in this package include:

    -Prefabs of all essentials to save you time
    -A simple Reach Destination AI Car system
    -Cool camera effects for sense of speed
    -An Advanced boost system
    -Fully set up Wheel Colliders with just a few clicks in the inspector
    -Mesh deformation vehicle damage with realistic collision effects
    -Anti wagon wheel effect
    -Clean, documented code, all written in C#
    -7 Low poly, but great looking vehicle models to get you started on your game. (All textures included)
    -A level scene
    -Mobile Input support
    -2 scenes, (Mobile and Desktop) pre-made for you to play around in.
    -Simple stunt detection, (detect drifts, air time, etc.)
    -Easy and customizable vehicle behavior (grip, drifting, standard) -And loads more!.

    Also, there's no rough Garbage Collecting going on during run-time by Instantiating and Destroying Objects constantly. In fact, each vehicle takes about 1.2% CPU during run-time!.

    Special thanks to Vertigo Games for the Truck model, specifically from their Extreme Vehicle Pack. Vertigo Games Page Extreme vehicle pack

    So don't waste another minute making your driving game from scratch when there's the SBP Vehicle Physics 2.0 to come to your rescue.