Off Road Truck (Post-Apoc) 1.0

Unity Off Road Truck (Post-Apoc) 1.0 3D模型/车辆/陆,价格:$38.00,大小:199.6 MB

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    199.6 MB
    Parker Blezek
    Unity 5.5.0 或更高版本
    ·4K的主体结构- 2K的配件和挡风玻璃纹理操纵冲击轴和车轮3单独优化的LOD模型从221449下降到63999,三三-可拆卸的武器和配件对车身和车轮的自定义网格碰撞器以下是sketchfab预览。 *内部是目前简单的空白。
    Off Road truck model with a rugged, post-apocalyptic theme. Great for your racing game, survival game, first person shooter, etc. The model has rigged suspension and wheels to allow for easy manipulation during scripting. The model includes:
    - 4k main body textures - 2k accessory and windshield textures - rigged shocks axle and wheels - 3 separate optimized LOD models ranging from 221,449 tris down to 63,999 tris - removable weapons and accessories - custom mesh colliders for the body and wheels Sketchfab preview is available below. *the interior is currently simple and undetailed.