Face Doctor Playmaker 1.0

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    Akhil kamboj
    Unity 5.4.2 或更高版本
    [​IMG]这是与球员的完整的游戏(不包括在内) 游戏是基于脸部模拟游戏的女孩得到了她的脸受伤严重……你必须使用医疗工具来治愈她的脸… 5种工具 *滴管 *绷带 *选择器 *纸 *冰 几个伤口 *划痕 *打开伤口 *穗 *小伤口 等 用这些工具来治愈她的脸 完整的游戏场景与菜单场景 FSM的信息工具如何工作的文档中
    This is the complete game made with the playmaker(not included) The game is based on the Face surgery simulation game as the girl got her face injured badly...you have to use Medical tools to cure her face.... 5 Types of tools *Medicine dropper *Bandage *Picker *Tissue paper *Ice Several Wounds *Scratches *Opened wound *Spike *small wounds etc Use these tools to cure her face Complete game scene with menu scene The fsm info that how the tools are working is in the Documentation