Dynamic Snow System for Unity 1.1

Unity Dynamic Snow System for Unity 1.1 3D模型/环境,价格:$5.00,大小:122.4 MB

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    122.4 MB
    Eduardo Yassin Alvarez
    Unity 5.4.0 或更高版本
    可这里演示项目 http:\/\/tinyurl.com\/gv2rtzs


    该软件包使用Direct X 11镶嵌创建逼真的变形雪当任何物体接触到它,你只需要把一个简单的预制你的动态目标特征,它会自动创建孔在雪中穿越它时。
    Create deformable and dynamic patches of snow for your games.
    Demo Project Avaiable here http://tinyurl.com/gv2rtzs

    ** includes high quality snow texture set ( albedo, specular, gloss, normal and height map) at 4096x resolution.

    this package uses Direct X 11 tessellation to create realistic deformable snow when any object comes into contact with it, you just need to attach a simple prefab to your character of dynamic object and it will automatically create holes in the snow when crossing it.