uSim Siege Engines 1.0

Unity uSim Siege Engines 1.0 脚本/物理,价格:$3.99,大小:8.0 MB

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    Unity 5.5.0 或更高版本


    攻城引擎提供100%统一物理学解决常见的攻城。基于组件的脚本允许包和发动机槽虚拟交互处理。 实现统一的模拟物理铰链及刚体组件被设置为与USIM组件提供基于精确的物理行为一起攻城。 模型和结构可以很容易地改变,以模拟和建立不同的配置。 V1.0包括两种类型的弹弓和它的成分。扭转式弹射器的投石机(或弩炮)。和投石机,重力弹射器。
    uSim Siege Engines v1.0


    Siege engines provides a 100% unity physics solution to comon siege engines. Component based scripts allows the wraping and handling of the engines trough virtual interaction. To achieve the simulations Unity physics hinge joints and rigidbody components are set to work together with uSim components to deliver acurate physics based behaviour of the siege engines. Models and structures can be easily changed to simulate and build different configurations. V1.0 includes two types of catapults and it's components. The Mangonel torsion type catapult (or Onager). And the Trebuchet, gravity powered catapult.