Sleepless Underwater Effects 1.0

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    Unity 5.5.0 或更高版本
    [​IMG]失眠的水下效应是一个脚本,简单地拖到你的球员第一人称相机,设置水平面物体和其余的照顾你。 我开发了这个脚本,因为我想要一个简单的,但真正的现实过渡从上面到下面的水,反之亦然,而不影响游戏场景的性能。 脚本语言:C # 水下探测。 水下粒子与雾管理。 水下全球雾管理。 声音包括:进入,出口和水下环境。 地形焦散线管理。 演示场景包括FPS。 包括Crouch Script。 请注意,在截图和视频看到水下的植物不包括在内。他们强烈建议在资产存储可用:yughues水下植物。
    Sleepless Underwater Effects is a script that is simply dragged onto your players first person camera, setting the water plane object and the rest is taken care of for you. I developed this script because I wanted a simple, but really realistic transition from above to below water and vice versa without adversely affecting the performance of the game scene. Script Language: C# Above/Below Underwater Detection. Underwater Particles and Fog management. Underwater Global Fog management. Sounds Included: Enter, Exit and Underwater ambience. Terrain Caustics management. Demo FPS Scene Included. Crouch Script Included. Please note that the underwater plants seen in the screenshots and video are NOT included.They are highly recommended and available on the asset store: Yughues Underwater Plants.