Modular Dungeon Pack 1.0

Unity Modular Dungeon Pack 1.0 3D模型/环境/地城,价格:$24.99,大小:103.6 MB

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    103.6 MB
    Adventure Forge
    Unity 5.5.0 或更高版本
    一个惊人的250 +预制件组成的墙壁、地板、柱子、门的变化,楼梯和天花板。这个包块的设计便于统一的快照功能,快速和精确的室内水平建设。
    The Modular Dungeon Pack brings AAA visuals designed for ease of use, ready for any project.
    With a staggering 250+ prefabs consisting of variations of walls, floors, pillars, doors, stairs and ceilings. The pieces in this package is designed to work with Unity's snap function for easy, fast and precises construction of indoor levels.
    With this package you can choose to use the pre made level moduls to quickly create a level or you can use the smaller and intermidiate parts and create your own modules to suite your needs. To further customize the look and feel of your level simply adjust the different parameters in the included custom substances to procedurally adjust the textures to suit your needs, with texture sizes up 2048px.
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