uMod 2.0 Exporter 2.0.1

Unity uMod 2.0 Exporter 2.0.1 编辑器扩充,价格:免费/Free,大小:693.6 kB

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    Trivial Interactive
    Unity 5.0.0 或更高版本
    [​IMG]UMOD出口商2是一个免费的工具 用来和UMOD 2连接和允许统一资产被转换成一个MOD格式,在运行时加载。这个工具的目的是通过游戏模组,用于创建游戏,利用UMOD 2多器官功能障碍综合征。
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    uMod Exporter 2.0 is a free tool that is used in conjunction with uMod 2.0 and allows Unity assets to be converted into a mod format which is loadable at runtime. This tool is intended to be used by modders in order to create mods for games that make use of uMod 2.0.
    uMod 2.0 can be found here.

    Supported platforms
    Supports PC, Mac and Linux platforms only

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