Physics Material Manager3D 1.0

Unity Physics Material Manager3D 1.0 编辑器扩充/工具,价格:$1.00,大小:2.5 MB

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    2.5 MB
    Fat Mind Productions
    Unity 5.5.0 或更高版本


    Physics Material Manager3D is ideal for projects which utilise physics materials and require adjustments in order to gain that ‘real-life’ appearance.

    With the ability to view and adjust all of the physics material properties within one editor window, your designer can see how unity’s physics engine affects each object in run-time. This streamlines the entire process and eliminates the hassle of working through each physics material in a separate window, saving clicks and time!!

    Features –
    - One-window access to all 3D Physics material properties.
    - Adjustments to physic material properties can be observed in run-time.
    - All adjustments are updated and saved to the attached physics material.
    - Allows adjustments to the world gravity setting within the same editor window, without the need to go to File/Project settings/Physics.