Zig Zag 2D 1.0

Unity Zig Zag 2D 1.0 完整项目/样板,价格:$5.00,大小:2.4 MB

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    2.4 MB
    Nicholas M Fagan
    Unity 5.0.0 或更高版本
    [​IMG]Zig Zag 2D是一个快节奏的2D游戏,点击屏幕来改变球的方向,它穿过隧道。尽量不要打墙,收集硬币,并尽可能!


    Zig Zag 2D is a fast paced 2D game where the player taps the screen to change the direction of the ball as it travels through the tunnel. Try not to hit the walls, collect coins, and get as far as you can!


    ● Tunnel auto-generates as the ball moves through the level. The random values for size and length of the tunnel can be easily adjusted.
    ● Customizable tunnel texture and background texture.
    ● Tunnel can be switched to a track mode where the ball moves on a track instead of through a tunnel.
    ● Coin drops that can be collected. Drop rate, amount, and sprite can be customized.
    ● Ability to add player skins that can be unlocked using drops collected in the game. Players automatically appear on the player selected screen.
    ● Player score is incremented as they move up the tunnel. Max / Average scores are saved and indicators appear in game.