RMH Solar-Powered Laser Pistol 1.0

Unity RMH Solar-Powered Laser Pistol 1.0 3D模型/道具/武器/枪,价格:$15.00,大小:64.3 MB

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    64.3 MB
    Robin Harris
    Unity 5.3.5 或更高版本

    一个温和的未来太阳能激光手枪,有五个独特的纹理格式(为每个方案预设):E5的军队,红色,灰色,医生,和坏猫咪。手枪用8745三\/ 7948点(可以考虑高)达到极致圆润的机身细节。拓扑是干净的和几乎完全四边形(用几个三角形),虽然Unity自动三角网格。






    太阳能激光手枪三,8745,7948点。2k PNG。地图:Albedo,AO,排放,金属,正常


    RMH Solar-Powered Laser Pistol.

    A mildly futuristic solar-powered laser pistol that comes with five unique texture schemes (has prefabs for each scheme): E5-Army, Red-Back, Grey, Medic, and Bad-Kitty. The pistol uses 8745 tris / 7948 verts (could be considered high) to achieve its mostly rounded body details. The topology is clean and almost entirely quads (a few triangles were used), though Unity automatically triangulates meshes.

    The screen area has a high-texel density so customising the screen is straightforward (a UV layout PNG has been included in the Textures folder). Each pistol uses 2 materials (one for the main body, the other for the transparent torch glass) / these materials work off a single texture bundle (AO, Albedo, Emission, Metallic, Normal). Moving parts are: battery pack, clip-eject button, safety catch, rear thumb dial, and trigger (the torch glass can be (re)moved, should you need this); these objects have their axes configured so movement happens as expected. Finally, the gun sights, laser lenses, and some of the OLED screens work on the material emission channel (they will be clearly visible in low light).

    As always, for a better impression of the asset inside the Unity engine, please view the YouTube video in the screenshots section.

    (metallic PBR workflow used / all models are .FBX format)

    Important Note: This asset uses Linear Color Space. To set this up in your scene, in Unity go to Edit >> Project Settings >> Player , then in the Other Settings section of the Inspector in the Color Space* drop-down menu, select Linear. Using other Color Space settings tends to make colours look washed-out / flat.

    Tris / Verts Count (taken from Blender):

    Solar-Powered Laser Pistol, 8745 tris, 7948 verts. 2K PNGs. Maps: Albedo, AO, Emission, Metallic, Normal

    The HDRI file used to light the scene was downloaded freely from HDR Labs sIBL Archive.

    Version History
    V1.0: Released.