Mosaic Shader 1.0

Unity Mosaic Shader 1.0 着色器/全屏幕及相机效果,价格:$25.00,大小:6.9 MB

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    6.9 MB
    Black Imp Software
    Unity 5.3.0 或更高版本




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    Mosaic Shader is a collection of full screen shaders that helps you to mosaic your game. Each shader uses a unique shape and offers you many possibilities for customization of your mosaic in real-time!

    Unique features
    Shapes - Choose the shape for your mosaic: squares, circles and hexagons.
    Rotation - By providing an angle value, you are able to rotate the mosaic. If you change this value continuously, the mosaic will rotate in front of you
    Shrink - The shrink value is a way to decrease the size of the mosaics, while keeping the number of mosaics the same. It generates a gap between them.
    Pixelation - This value allows you to set the amount of pixelation for the mosaic. You can go for a fully pixelated effect, keep the color of the original scene, or something in between. Size - Increase or decrease the actual size of each mosaic.

    Is it easy to use? Within a few seconds, you should be able to have Mosaic Shader up and running, just pass and drop the provided script on the camera object. However if you encounter any problems, Mosaic Shader is shipped with several examples scenes and a detailed documentation. In addition, you can always contact me by using the contact information at the top or bottom of this page.

    What is next? Currently, at the top of my list is to add some additional shapes, such as Cairo tiling.

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to show something cool!