Snow Track [Optimized for Mobiles] 1.0

Unity Snow Track [Optimized for Mobiles] 1.0 3D模型/环境/赛道和车道,价格:$14.99,大小:95.2 MB

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    95.2 MB
    Unity 5.3.4 或更高版本
    A highly optimized snow track for your unity mobile games, specially designed for endless mobile racing games like Overtake or traffic racer. 3 different track pieces are available with combined meshes and texture atlas to bring draw calls under 50.
    --3d models of trees, rocks, roads, barriers and grass. --3 different prefabs, each one available with combined meshes and with separate 3d models as well. --Custom Sky-box. --Demo scene with backed GI, ready to be used in a racing game. Each piece has a connector object which allow you to attach different pieces together easily. Please note that colliders are not attached to trees or rocks to keep it light for mobile games. Note: We used this racing track in our endless traffic racing game "Overtake : Car Traffic Racing". It's the last lock track in the game. You can download the game from here: Google Play Link