Slot Machine Pack 1.0

Unity Slot Machine Pack 1.0 贴图和材质/图示和UI,价格:$9.00,大小:53.9 MB

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    53.9 MB
    Lidziya Puchkova
    Unity 5.4.0 或更高版本
    它也可以修复一些功能或出售新的UI和主题设计。如果您有兴趣,请与我们联系。在高分辨率的图形(2735px * 2048px)准备的Retina显示屏!包中包含主屏幕的PSD文件。无码!没有字体(在例子- Roboto Condensed)!此包包括:3背景- 15符号插槽(2字母风格)插槽的用户界面,包括悬停效果-游戏界面,如菜单,按钮等,包括悬停效果主页:http:\/\/\/电子邮件
    It is ready slot game UI with icons, backgrounds and menu in shiny, brilliant, royal, gold style.
    It is also possible to fix some features or to sell new UI and theme designs. If you are interested, please contact us individually. All graphics in high resolution (2735px * 2048px) ready for retina display! Package contains PSD file of main screen. No Code! No fonts (In the examples - Roboto Condensed)! This pack includes: - 3 backgrounds - 15 symbols for slots (2 letters style) - Slot UI, including hover effects - Game UI, such menu, buttons, etc., including hover effects Homepage : Digital Studio — MasterKey Email: