EasyTalk 1.3

Unity EasyTalk 1.3 脚本/动作,价格:$95.00,大小:20.7 MB

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    20.7 MB
    Realtime VR, LLC
    Unity 5.5.0 或更高版本












    AAA quality lip syncing and expressions are now achievable with very little effort.

    EasyTalk is not like other lip sync and expression tools. It's a complete eye contact, head look, lip sync, and expression tool that provides fine grain control over all aspects of your facial animations.

    EasyTalk places phonemes automatically and does not require painstaking manual placement. However, it still allows you to fine tune it to your liking allowing you to get the AAA quality results you require.

    Expressions can be recorded in real-time while playing back lip synced sequences and easily re-recorded if you don't like the results. This allows you to create much more convincing animations.

    No other tool provides both ease-of-use and fine grain control over the final output. If you want professional results, EasyTalk is for you.

    With EasyTalk, you can create animations quickly. Once you have an audio clip and a character set up in Unity, you can literally put together fully lip synced, facially animated sequences in just minutes!

    * Simply import an audio clip and type in the words. Phonemes are placed in the timeline automatically!

    * Facial expressions are recorded in real-time and can be easily edited.

    * Easily add, move, or delete phonemes using the visual editor.

    * Generated animation sequences can be created once and shared across multiple characters.

    * Complete documentation, demo's, video tutorials, and script code is included.

    Requires Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.

    Visit our website for more information at: Realtime VR