Deck Generator 0.1

Unity Deck Generator 0.1 脚本,价格:$5.00,大小:900.1 kB

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    900.1 kB
    Unity 5.1.1 或更高版本
    * 100% C #源代码*奖励:演示场景包括一个免费的卡数据库系统,可以轻松地建立您的游戏的数据库使用XML文件!
    Deck Generator is a straight-forward easy to use solution for generating AI decks in card games.
    It uses a procedural approach to generating a deck based on an AI's difficulty rating with an equivalent deck rating. This system not only makes deck generation easy, but also adds replay-ability to your game with AI having unique decks each time you face them! Features: * Procedural Deck Generation
    * Variables to Limit Minimum and Maximum Deck Sizes
    * Variable to Limit Card Duplicates
    * A bonus Deck Shuffle function
    * 100% C# Source Code *BONUS: Demo scene includes a free Card Database system to easily build your game's database using XML files!