Property Inspector 1.1

Unity Property Inspector 1.1 编辑器扩充/工具,价格:$5.00,大小:130.6 kB

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    130.6 kB
    Unity 5.4.0 或更高版本


    With Property Inspector you can easily and quickly search and edit a property inside a game object, component, scriptable object or asset.
    Search a property by its name, type or path. Use starts with, ends with and match to narrow your findings.
    Find nested properties to the deepest depth.
    Selected multiple objects from hierarchy, project or both and edit all of them (even when they have different types) in one place at one time.
    Property Inspector allows you to group objects that have the same type and multi-edit multiple objects as if they were one. Quickly change attack force of all enemies with just a few clicks.
    Now you can apply/revert changes made in prefab instances with just one click, even when multiple instances of different prefabs are selected. Edit the HP of all enemies and apply those changes to all prefabs with just one click.
    Get full source code.


    - Search any property by name, type of path. - Use starts with, ends with or match to narrow your search. - Find deeply nested properties. - Type more than one word separated by space to show only properties whose names contains all words. - Edit multiple objects (even with multiple types) in one place at one time. - Use multi-edit to quickly change multiple objects as if they were one. - Use “Edit script” button to open the script linked to the object/component being edited. - All changes made in Property Inspector can be undone (except apply and revert). - Use your own custom inspector to draw objects/components (this will not enable multi-edit - or undo - if your custom inspector does not support it). - Saves the selection history enabling you to navigate to previous or next selections. - Apply/revert those changes with just one click - even when multi-editing. - Show all properties of selected objects with “Inspector mode”. - Lock your selection and continue to work without losing the selected objects. - Open a dockable window or a popup window. - Useful keyboard shortcut.