Iup is an platform for much more than pictures. It’s a new ecstatic experiences. It’s a place for family photos, for art, for new projects. It’s the you can call home by browsing through old memories.
Admin panel demo

Demo: http://iup.vulpe.info/index.php?a=admin
Username: admin
Password: nytr0gen.george@gmail.com

  • Upload your beautiful pictures into a infinite stream of amazement
  • Follow your friends
  • Comment photos of your friends and family; and mock your boss
  • Search through experiences
  • Infinite scroll for a fluent browsing
  • Show your love for others by simply pressing a button
  • Share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ so you can show your friends if they don’t already know
  • Admin panel
  • Intuitive usability
  • The powerful Mustache template so you can build your own theme easily
  • Sass – css with superpowers
  • Gif support

API functionality lets anyone access the latest 10 pictured uploaded formatted in JSON
http://iup.vulpe.info/req.php?a=api&u=caravaggio (change with any user you want)
{ file: ..,
title: ..,
description: ...,
user: ...,
Change log

Update v1.3.1 [13/03/2014]
  • Add admin
  • Page titles
  • Login & sing up redirect fix
Update v1.3.0 [12/03/2014]
  • Tags
  • Search bar
  • Design improvements
  • Bug fixes
Update v1.2.0 [04/03/2014]
  • Stream
  • Some seo friendly links
  • Admin logout
  • Avatar fix
Update v1.1.0 [26/02/2014]
  • More photos like this
  • Image approval
  • Better quality on smaller screens
  • Theme updates
  • Avatar bug fixed
Update v1.0.1 [22/02/2014]
  • Added api
  • Share gallery
  • Added new setting for admin
  • Bug fixes for internet explorer
Requirements: PHP 5.2, POD extension and GD Library.
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