Pulse is a supremely simple, yet powerful, CMS.

#The first of it’s kind here on CodeCanyon. Flat-file CMS!
What You See Is What You Get Rich Text Editor

Advanced, clean and smooth, Pulse includes the Redactor Rich Text Editor which offers an excellent immersive user experience. Small and robust, Redactor is the #1 WYSIWYG choice for thousands of professional developers worldwide. Clients really love it.
Or, use Markdown

If you prefer writing in Markdown, Pulse has you covered. Anything you type in Markdown format will automatically be converted to HTML on the fly when the content is viewed on the frontend.
As it’s all just plain text files in Pulse CMS, you can use your favourite text editor to edit your website. Keep your current workflow.
Everybody loves it.

Designers, developers, agencies and their clients are rejoicing with Pulse CMS. For the makers, you can build your site quickly and with any frontend framework (Bootstrap, Foundation..) and have full control of your HTML, CSS and JavaScript without any interference from Pulse.
It’s fully extensible with addons and you can make anything from landing pages to e-commerce and large corporate sites. And for clients, they just get it. It’s an easy to manage intuitive backend that requires little or no explanation nor training from you. They can also edit from the mobile on the road or their computer. Just like magic.
Fully responsive backend admin

The Pulse admin screens are mobile-ready which means you can edit your site and even add new pages on the road from your either your mobile, tablet or laptop. And for your site users each theme is carefully coded for all devices also, so you can expect a fluid experience whether reading or editing your Pulse-powered site.
Developer friendly. Best friends in fact.

Use any template you like Create themes from HTML and any framework in minutes and without having to learn a new templating language all over again. Just insert a few Pulse tags and Bob’s your uncle.
Less stress No learning curve for you and your clients love the simple editing interface, so this means less phone calls, less training issues and less time loss. This will make you more profitable.
No database. Flat-file CMS darling. There’s no database to worry about so it’s quick to setup and easy to transfer and carry your site around and move from test to production servers. Portability at your fingertips.
Use GitHub; build locally. Run it through GitHub to exercise version control on your sites and deploy sites quickly with one click. Collaborate on site content and finish projects using your usual workflow.
Publish and host your site anywhere.

Your site data belongs to you. Manage it in the cloud you chose and publish to your own web host. Use FTP, SFTP, SSH and publish to Amazon S3, Dreamhost, DigitalOcean, Heroku or any shared host (even local hosting). You just need PHP5.3+ and Apache.
Lots of other features…

Beautiful galleries, customisable form, built-in backup, clear stats, blog engine…
Quickly create your website for you or your client now!
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