I present to you Happy Weather Widget, a new breath to display the weather. The modern, minimalist and animated design with changing wallpaper depending on your city input brings a new zest to view weather.

Widget features:

  • Forecast for 5 days / 3 hours, 7 days and the current weather.
  • Settings menu with changing fonts, enable/disable animations, 7 languages, C° / F° forecast mode.
  • Detailed forecast with rain and snow prediction, the level of cloud cover etc. on hover the mouse on a particular day or 3h time range.
  • Crossbrowser compatibility.
  • Auto detect user location via IP or browser geocoder.
  • Full AJAX Support
  • and more…

Demo – Happy Weather Widget Demo
API Used – Forecast.io API
Updates City Backgrounds (20 November 15) – HWW Backgrounds Updates

P.S. This is a Basic version of Happy Weather Widget.
Now I am also developing an improved version Pro with a bunch of additional features such as charts, weather for tourists ( from point A to point B ), warning of severe weather conditions (such as tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.) and much more.
Stay tuned.

Updates log:

Version 1.3 (20/11/2015)

  1. Now the widget has a completely different API – forecast.io
  2. The forecast is more precise thanks to a new API.
  3. Added option to set your default city when you load the page with a widget
  4. Google Adsense ready :
    1 banner on Desktop viewing (728×90px above the footer)
    2 banners on Tablet viewing (120×240px on the sides)
    (See examples of banners in the screenshots)
    P.S. For insert see 131 line in file ‘handlers/current.php’ and 50-57 lines in file ‘index.php’
  5. Added moon phases (you can see this in weather details when you hover the mouse over a particular day in the panel of days and 3 hours interval)
  6. Added visibility data
  7. Improved accuracy of weather icons (night / day)
  8. The forecast description is more informative
  9. Each time you click refresh the latest data will be taken (in the old API data are made available every 2-3 hours)
  10. Added meta tags for better indexing in search engines
  11. Fixed some minor bugs
  12. Added new wallpapers of the cities. Full list you can see above in the description, or click here.
Version 1.2 (03/11/2015)

  1. Fixed problem ‘Warning: Missing argument 3 for timestamp_f()’
  2. Fixed error with not recognition of $_SERVER[‘HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE’] on some OS (this one define default language for widget).
  3. Added Cookies Policy message
  4. Added Possibility to change background color for elements like details panel at the right, menu icon, search input and background when you load the page.
  5. Added new wallpapers of the cities. Full list you can see above in the description, or click here.
Version 1.1 (30/10/2015)

  1. Fixed problem with browser geolocation for some city
  2. Some small fixes and optimization
  3. Added new wallpapers of the cities. Full list of cities added organized by date you can see above in the description, or click here.
Version 1.0 (28/10/2015)

  1. Initial release
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