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Demo Discount Coupon 1 : #free10 (10% Discount on Electronics Products)
Demo Discount Coupon 2 : #free50 (50% Discount on All Products)
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Vendor Panel
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Update History

version : 1.3

- Digital product upload both for vendor and admin
- Customer will get the smart option to get the download of the uploaded digital product
- Blog category create/edit/delete
- Blog will be uploaded by admin according to created Blog category
- All blogs are viewed with sleek design by time and date
- Cart system has been improved which is more faster and user friendly
- Re-construct the home page
- Admin get more functionality to re-arrange home page
- Vendor can integrate their location
- Customer can check the vendor location from from locator
- Intelligent caching has been included
- Another option for product named "Today's Deal" has been included
- Product compare has been included
- Improved product search filter
-Previous bugs has been fixed

version : 1.2

- Multi vendor system
- Separate Vendor home page with vendor admin panel
- create / edit / delete /postpone vendorship packages
- Maximum product limitation for vendors
- Temporal limitation for vendorship
- Smart Discount coupon for products
- Category/product wise discount coupon
- Alexa graph report
- Alexa metrics report
- Search index report
- Social Network Report
- Facebook comment for product
- Disqus comment for product
- Improved product search filter

version : 1.1

- Updated to codeigniter 3.0
- Invoice E-mail to customer.
- Stripe added as a new payment gateway
- 2 more slider template added
- Improve customer registration.
- Improve installation process.
- 6 more new header/footer color scheme.
- Improved security system

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