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    I found in another forum, and like i know with a lot of people here like it...
    Nulled by TrioxX

    Sniffed and uploaded here by Baz
    Email Marketing Software for Businesses & Digital Agencies

    What is Interspire Email Marketer?

    Interspire Email Marketer (formerly SendStudio) is browser-based email marketing and autoresponder software that over 15,000 business owners, digital agencies and web hosting providers use every day to create, send and track profitable email campaigns and autoresponders - either for themselves or for their clients.

    nterspire Email Marketer 5 (formerly SendStudio) includes many new features which make it even easier to manage contacts, send campaigns and follow up automatically with autoresponders.

    We sent out numerous surveys and asked for feedback from thousands of existing customers asking what they think would make SendStudio better, and Interspire Email Marketer 5 is the first of many new updates we'll be working hard on over the coming months.

    A summary of new features is shown below.
    If you're an existing SendStudio customer you can upgrade here, or to see Interspire Email Marketer 5.0 in action, try the online demo.
    • Choose which custom fields to display when you view contacts
    • Contact list segmenting based on multiple AND/OR filters
    • Addition of 20 new email campaign templates
    • Choose which fields show for each contact on the "View Contacts" grid
    • Re-arrange fields on a website form using drag and drop
    • Sort contacts based on custom fields and remember the sort preference
    • Added vertical rule at 65 character limit in editor for text campaigns
    • Added options to view or add contacts on the contact lists page
    • Custom fields can be linked to a contact list when adding/editing
    • Add bounce rules and improved bounce detection of certain bounced types
    • Performance improvements when sending lots of custom field based content
    • XML-API allows you to set a new contact to "confirmed" and change their format
    • Permissions to view just a particular segment (and not the whole mailing list)
    • Added a date-picker for date type custom fields when creating/editing a contact
    • Use the "View Contact" option (and permission) to see ready-only contact details
    • Each area in the application now has its own settings for paging
    • Granular user permissions instead of just choosing a role
    • The owner of a contact list is displayed when viewing the list
    • The "View Contacts" page shows all contacts by default
    • New "views" dropdown on contacts page to easily switch lists/segments
    • Search box on contacts page to search based on email address
    • Improved usability when adding/editing custom fields
    • New Interspire control panel design and product name
    • New home page dashboard with chart, getting started guide and help articles
    • Integrated private label help system and infotips
    • Changed popup windows to use inline "web 2.0" thickbox look
    • Custom fields are divided into 2 columns when viewing a contact


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