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    All-In-One Email Marketing Software for Any Business

    Interspire Email Marketer is the perfect choice for business owners looking to send email campaigns, newsletters, welcome emails, special promotions, autoresponders and more to their leads, contacts and customers. A general overview of features is shown below, or you can read about email marketing features designed specifically for you.
    Anyone can create and send stunning email campaigns


    Build your own email campaigns using the step-by-step campaign builder or choose from and customize over 35 professionally designed, industry-specific email templates.​
    Easy, browser-based contact management


    Add contacts to your contact lists one-by-one or import existing contacts from your any CRM, email program or database using a point and click web-based interface. ​
    "Hands free" follow up with autoresponders


    Follow up with prospects automatically and on time using personalized auto-responders while increasing response rates and conversion rates. ​
    Personalize your email campaigns

    Personalize every email you send with your contact's details such as their name, company details, interests and other personal information. ​
    Segment and filter contacts before sending

    Send targeted emails to your contacts based on their interests and previous history using custom filters, list segments and personalization options. ​
    Add web to lead forms on your website

    Generate leads directly from your website using the step-by-step web to lead form generator to add lead sign up forms to your website in minutes. ​
    Automatic integrated bounce management

    Processed bounced emails across your lists automatically and even define your own bounce rules.​
    Track click-thrus and email opens

    Improve and optimize your email campaigns by tracking open rates and click-thru rates over time, as well as detailed per-campaign reports and statistics. ​
    See Interspire Email Marketer in Action
    Watch the Interspire Email Marketer screencast to see all of the features mentioned above in action, and to learn how easy it is to create, send and track your own email marketing campaigns in minutes.

    Other Important Features
    No per-month or per-email fees, simply one outright software purchase
    Runs on your web server and is easy to install, upgrade and customize
    Effortlessly deals with even the largest of contact lists and email campaigns
    If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use Interspire Email Marketer
    60 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee for any reason

    Business Owners Choose Interspire Email Marketer Because...
    Interspire Email Marketer is the trusted email marketing software that business owners use when they need to send newsletters, special offers and promotions via email - without having to worry about any monthly or per email fees.

    Combine that with the Interspire support guarantee and our customer-focused reputation and you'll see we are determined to do whatever we can to make your email marketing efforts successful.

    Learn more about Interspire Email Marketer's features for business owners.

    Whats new in 5.6?
    Although this is a minor update, it includes quite a few new and exciting features:
    • An image manager which is separate from the WYSIWYG editor. The image manager makes it easy to manage all of your images in the one place. You can batch upload multiple images at once, edit, rename and delete, etc. The slick upload interface can easily hand hundreds of images at once
    • 32 new email templates, which match those found in Interspire Shopping Cart - now your email marketing promotions can match the look and feel of your online store!
    • The bounce processing wizard has been redesigned to be a LOT easier to use. It's now a clear, step-by-step wizard and mail server settings can be auto detected
    • The WYSIWYG editor has been replaced with TinyMCE, which is much more stable. Functions such as unlimited undo/redo and copy/paste are now a lot more reliable
    • There's a new dashboard with useful metrics (such as overall list activity and per-campaign reports), campaigns filtered by status, etc
    • Your subscribers can confirm their unsubscribe request when they click an unsubscribe link in an email instead of being removed straight away
    • For partners/agencies, you can now force a spam check on an email before send and not send if it fails (this is a per-user setting)
    • For partners/agencies, you can now force double opt-in subscription verification when creating a website form (this is a per-user setting)
    • For partners/agencies, autoresponder credits now count towards the monthly credit limit and you can automatically send "low credit" reminder emails to users when they hit certain thresholds (as defined by you from the Settings -> Email Credit Settings page)
    • For partners/agencies, see created, last logged in and pending (delete/inactive) date on the view users page and sort by them
    • For partners/agencies, there's now a link on the view users page to automatically login as that user
    • For upgrading, the new Tools -> Check Database wizard will run tests to make sure database indexes exist, tables are not corrupt, etc


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    不过也奇怪,更新时更新了一些,但是版本还是显示 5.6.3, 版本的那行代码没有更新。
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    can't download, but see windboy143 link :) thank you windboy143. also thx to dribdas to open the topic, without it, i won't see the link
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    看到有5.7.2的, 谁有连接啊? 发一个啊,谢谢
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    现在最新的版本是多少了 ?
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    Cannot download ....