Vbulletin v3.7.2 23 Premium Vbulletin Skins

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    permatakus vbb skin
    Redfox for vBulletin
    Metallic Infusion (VBTEAM)
    VBB Make Money
    VBB Funky Fresh
    VBB Crystal Cean
    buntu vbb skin
    VBSkinworks-Rirrakusu Style Vbulletin
    snarobotworld vbb skin
    achik vbb skin
    vbb comei vbb skin
    eXtremepixels Cobalt VBB Skin
    Style VBB matahari
    VBB TotallyPro
    GreenFox Skin
    VBB VisionCollison
    VBB Underground Style
    VBB TwistedDark
    VBB Eye Easy
    VBB Red Alert
    VBB Creative Creature
    VBB Color Theory
    VBB Blue Demon
    Template Instruction

    Step 1 - Install XML file
    1. Log in to your Admin CP (ex.. http://www.domainname.com/forumdir/admincp )
    2. Once logged in expand "Styles & Templates" then click "Download / Upload Styles"
    3. Under "Import Style XML File" Browse to the location where you downloaded the "vbulletin-style.xml" file on your computer.
    4. Give this theme a Title as it will appear for the skin.
    5. If your vBulletin is version 3.6.x, click the "Ignore Style Version" button as the skin will work regardless. If your skin is older we urge you
    to update your vBulletin board, if this is not applicable please post on the support board with the version of your site and we'll do our upmost to
    give you a working skin for your version.
    6. Then go to "vBulletin Options", "Use Legacy (Vertical) Postbit Template" and click Yes.
    7. Styles are the same whether they are they are fixed or fluid. To change the width of the skin go to Stylevars and enter the width
    (Note: If it's a pixel width, just enter the number not a px at the end)
    Step 2 - Upload Images (via FTP)
    1.Browse to your root vBulletin folder (the one with announcements.php, index.php etc...)
    2.Upload the folder named images/.

    Setting Theme as Default
    1. Log in to your Admin CP
    2. Once logged in click on "vBulletin Options"
    3. Now locate the "Style & Language Settings" section and select it, then click Edit Settings
    4. Under Default Style select your styles name, and click Save

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