Joomla module - BF Survey FreePro 1.2.3 NULLED

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    Module Name: BF Survey ProFree
    Protection: SourceCop
    Nullified by: kispaci
    Tested by: kispaci
    Release date: 19.04.2009.
    CMS: Joomla 1.5

    Limitatiosn in original package
    - questions limited to 5
    - encrypted
    - "powered by" banner

    - decrypted
    - "Powered by" removed
    - unlimited questions

    Copy-paste definition from homepage:

    BF Survey Pro is an advanced yet simple to use multi-page survey based on our popular BF Survey component. Includes features such as conditional branching, SQL lookup for question options and dynamic reporting with excel export. Customise the look via CSS. Add unlimited surveys to your site. Front end can be in any language, with back end available in English, Netherlands, Greek, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, French, Polish and Swedish. Add CAPTCHA to protect from spam (requires Bigo Captcha plugin to be installed and published). AllVideos support so you can add video and audio to your survey!.

    New version of BF Survey Pro 1.2.3 released! What's new in BF Survey Pro?
    - AllVideos support for help text field. (requires free plugin)
    - Allow HTML code in help text field.
    - Rearranged questions page, and added popup help
    - Field name in question type now checks for spaces and minus (-)
    - Ability to import questions from BF Survey Pro Free
    - New language Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
    - updated German language file
    - excel export fix
    - extra spacing between horizontally aligned radio & checkbox options
    - extra width for options in front end stats.


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    The rapidshare link was taken down. Any chance of a re-upload? Thanks!
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    this is a good module!!:yuush:
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    is a very nice componet.i love it:evilish:
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    Just joined to get/try this module but it remains tantalisingly out of reach! Grrrr! Wonder when I'll be able to download it...? *sigh* (That was a rhetorical question... please don't bother to answer!)
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    Thanks but no one has a mirror ?
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    Thanks!! en serio mcuhas gracias.
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    why i did not downlosd Attached Files com_bfsurvey_profree_v1.2.3-NULLED.rar in this Thread
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    how to download this file com_bfsurvey_profree_v1.2.3-NULLED
    whether this administration ?
    Who can help?
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    Hello, how can I download this file? Rapidshare link is dead. Please help. Thanks
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    Anybody has link for 1.24 version..???

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    Maybe creating another mirror will help others....
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    Lookin for this one too... I will try to find a updated link and post it here... hopefully:)
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    I would like this one too
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    question. I have just registered, but i cannot download the attached file. What do i have to do? Thank you

    EDIT: It seems that i don't have enough download points. Tough luck
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    Thanks a lot
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    Thank you!