vbb3.7 用户控制面板美化修改 二

本帖由 suiz2008-04-20 发布。版面名称:vBulletin 3.7.X 模板修改

  1. suiz

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    Icons for UserCP Navigation 1.2

    This mod is really simple, it just adds a very nice groups of icons (fam fam fam) to your usercp navigation bar items.

    Important: I've made this mod based (or "inspired"...) in the GTUserCP of Princeton, and I'm not trying to copy his work, I just love his idea and he hasn't updated his mod to 3.7 vBulletin version.
    Install Instructions:

    1. Upload the "usercp_icons" folder into your current style images/misc dir.
    2. Import product-icons-usercp.xml in the Product Manager at AdminCP.
    3. That's All!


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    thank you very much~
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