[IPB 2.3.x skin] Twilight by Transverse Styles

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    http://www.transversestyles.com/ipb/?skinid=213 (fixed)/*
    * ============================================================================
    * Transverse Styles twilight README.txt
    * http://www.transversestyles.com ?2005 - 2007
    * ============================================================================

    Thank you for purchasing one of our Invision Power Board skins!


    XML files (via Admin CP)
    1) Admin CP -> Skins & Templates -> Import / Export
    2) Import the XML files accordingly, renaming them to what you want
    3) Once imported, go into the Skin Manager
    4) Click on the skin, and on the Javascript menu select 'Edit Settings...'
    5) Change the image directory folder that the skin is using

    Due to copyright issues, fonts are not provided. However, this is the list of fonts used in the given PSD files.
    header.psd -> BN Year 2000 (http://www.getfreefonts.info/free_font.bn_year_2000.html)
    buttons.psd -> 04b_09 (http://www.dafont.com/font.php?file=04b_09)
    p_buttons.psd -> 04b_09 (http://www.dafont.com/font.php?file=04b_09)

    You may request support at our support forums using your customer area information.

    E-Mail: contact@transversestyles.com
    Web site: http://www.transversestyles.com
    Support Forums: http://www.transversestyles.com/ipb/

    All Rights Reserved.

    DISCLAIMER: We accept no responsibility for any damages made to your Invision Power Board or its relating files.


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    how can i download this skin? i get a board message and i cant understand the language :S