[IPB 2.3.x skin] Skinground Prestige FPS 游戏风格

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    Skin Information
    Prestige skin is a high quality tech design from the ceators of Evolution Skin. It's dark steel theme and is ideal for any community such as gaming or graphics.The unique style of prestige will make sure your forum members are astonished. Prestige Skin will make your forum unique from the countless others.
    Skin Details
    Prestige is currently available in fluid format. This can be changed in the AdminCP by the user. A tutorial on how to do this can be found in the readme included within your download package. Tutorials on how to add navigation tabs, your own banner and removing/adding certain features are available when purchased aswell.
    Template Modifications
    - Your Own Navigation images can easily be added to the navigation strip via the AdminCP. A tutorial on how to do this can be found here, or in the readme once the skin is purchased.
    - We have made a lot of changes to the template HTML, so if you are going to edit it, be sure to make a backup!

    Files Included
    - Readme.txt
    - PSD's/Banner.psd
    - PSD's/Button.psd
    - Skin XML's/ipb_skin-prestige.xml
    - Skin XML's/ipb_images-prestige.xml


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    I need this file..please allow me to download..


    It says reputation is low.. Please allow mw to download.. I need it please..
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    i would also like to download this