Mobile, Cell, Phone, PDA, iPhone Style WAP/手机风格

本帖由 Xiao.T2008-04-05 发布。版面名称:vBulletin 3.7.X 风格下载

  1. Xiao.T

    Xiao.T 管理员 技术员

    A very cut back style with very low bandwidth usage which renders well on pretty much all small screen devices from old Nokias to new iPhones.
    • Supports viewing/posting/replying in forums
    • Supports Private Messaging
    • Supports Tags (viewing, not adding)
    • Supports viewing and replying to messages in Social Groups
    • Supports Thread Prefixes
    • has an add-on product to customise here: Extend and Customise Mobile Style (It is recommended that you install this also, but not required)
    • Supports other stuff too ....
    • If you are installing this on a vBulletin version higher than the current 'supported' version, and wish to get rid of the Out-of-Date Custom Templates Found! errors, see Post #329 for more information...
    • I suggest you also install this add-on to this style to get more out of it...
    • To modify the colour scheme of this style, you have to edit the wireless.css file by hand
    • If you use a portal such as vbadvanced which you wish to disable in mobile style, see here
    Release Information
    • Version 0.0.1 - Initial release ported from my 3.6 version here
    • Version 0.0.2 - Added auto quoting when replying to a post
      - fixed "Up" link bug
      - Added 'Posted via Mobile Device' message to new posts
      - couple small non - critical bugs fixed in some links
    • Version 0.0.3 - No change other than change version to 3.7RC2
    • Version 0.0.4 - Updated with security tokens tages for forms submital, and Gold version
    • Version 0.0.5 - fixed navbar template "Home" link (you will need to edit this if your default forum page is not index.php)
    • Version 0.0.6 - added ad_hook locations, fixed page titles, fixed couple small bugs
    • Version 0.0.7 - Added Style chooser to UserCP, Post count to threads, Search Page, Attachment Sizes, More detailed time info, viewing/voting in polls, other stuff too probably [​IMG]
    • Version 0.0.8 - now has an addon to customise certains aspects of this style - see HERE
    • Version 0.0.9 - updated template version numbers to to 3.7.2 - no other changes have been made
    • Version 0.0.10 - Now Fully Phrased (thanks Keyser Soze) Other updates included so its add-on product can do more customization
      Both this style and the addon will have the same version numbers - it's best to make sure you update the add-on when updating the style.​
    • Version 0.0.10a - fixed small bug in footer template
    Install Instructions
    • Save attached XML to your local computer
    • Save attached wireless.css.txt, rename to wireless.css and upload to your forum root
    • In AdminCP go to "Styles and Templates"
    • In the "Import Style XML File" section browse to where you saved the XML
    • Click "Import" button
    • Come back to this page and click "Mark as Installed"
    Other useful Add-ons to use in Conjunction with this style
    Other Mobile Styles worth checking out


  2. suiz

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    昨天看到这个风格了 还不错,支持下。
  3. Xiao.T

    Xiao.T 管理员 技术员

    更新版本 0.0.10a
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