Restrict usernames to alphanumeric and underscore 1.7

本帖由 Xiao.T2008-04-05 发布。版面名称:vBulletin 3.7.X 英文插件

  1. Xiao.T

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    What is this Plugin about?

    Are you tired of seeing in your forums usernames like these?:
    1.- The Super Boy (spaces)
    2.- my_new_name (underscore abuse)
    3.- imçañóndábèar (international characters)

    Well, with this simple addon you can prevent that from happening from now on (it can't correct already spoiled usernames). When a user tries to register using one of those chars, a nice error message makes sure the user picks another "normal" name.

    Installation instructions
    1.- Download the attached .xml
    2.- Go to Admin Control Panel => Plugin System => Manage Products => Add/Import Product => and browse for the the location where you downloaded the .xml
    3.- Hit Import
    4.- To configure it (not really needed, but it is there), go to Vbulletin Forum Options => Restrict Usernames on registration

    By default this addon prevents spaces and any char other than numbers and (english) letters while allowing underscore.

    This mod is not absolutely necessary as vBulletin allows you to do what this mod does and more from within the Admin Panel:
    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> vBulletin Options -> User Registration Options -> Username Regular Expression

    You only need to use this mod if you don't want to deal with Regular Expressions.


  2. zhaolu

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    I want to download this attachment, but I'm a new member, i can not ,
    how to send it to me by email?