The Image Resizer v1.2.8 固定图片宽度-防止撑破表格

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    The Image Resizer. Powered with Lytebox / Highslide / Lightview / and many more!


    Version: 1.2.8, by TCattitude

    Released: 07 Jul 2008

    Last Update: 27 Aug 2008

    THE IMAGE RESIZER for vBulletin 3.7 v1.2.8
    Powered with:
    Lytebox / Highslide / Lightview / Slimbox / Thickbox
    Floatbox / Shadowbox / Greybox / Roebox / AwesomeBox

    based on nCode Image Resizer for vb3.6.x

    What does it do
    This plugin enables you to automatically resize every user-posted external
    image, posted in threads, vb's blogs or even vb's albums (and group's pictures),
    and in signatures (optional), which is larger than given dimensions.
    Also, give (optional in admincp) options to the users, to set their own preferences
    for resizing.

    The Image Resizer acts in:
    - External images embed in posts.
    - Attachs images embed in posts.
    - External images embed in blogs.
    - Images in Albums / Group's pictures (optional).
    - Signatures (optional) with a different width/height setting.

    And the resize methods are:
    - No resizing
    - Enlargement in the same document
    - Enlargement in the same window (replacing the forum thread document)
    - Enlargement in a new window
    - Enlargement using Lytebox
    - Enlargement using Highslide
    - Enlargement using Lightview
    - Enlargement using Slimbox
    - Enlargement using Thickbox
    - Enlargement using Floatbox
    - Enlargement using Shadowbox
    - Enlargement using Greybox
    - Enlargement using Roebox
    - Enlargement using AwesomeBox

    It also adds an information bar when not using Lytebox/Highslide/etc (which is not
    displayed when the image is too small) giving information about the original
    dimensions and filesize.
    Filesize is only supported on Internet Explorer, other browsers don't reveal
    this information through javascript.

    See the AdminCP Screenshot below.

    Installation / Upgrade
    1. Upload the contents of the "clientscript" folder to your vBulletin's clientscript folder.
    You will have:

    2. Import "product-tcattd_extimageresizer.xml" in your vBulletin forum. Enter your AdminCP
    and go to Plugins & Products -> Manage Products. Click on [Add/Import Product] and
    refer to the XML file.
    Allow Overwrite -> Yes.

    3. You're done.

    * Upgrading.
    If you're using old (but great!) nCode Image Resizer for vb3.6.x or Jase2 port
    for vb3.7 (the reason for keep this update; is a great mod, even Jase2 port is cool)
    then you need to uninstall your old version first from your vBulletin's
    Product Manager.
    Then, perform an installation from the beginning... and configure it
    in your AdminCP

    Version history (changelog)
    v1.2.8 (August 27th, 2008)
    - Updated. Highslide from 3.3.22 to 4.0.4
    - Added. Option to downsize attached images with no thumbnail.
    - Fixed. A problem with highslide image path in forums with vb's files
    in the server root. Before some installs take the paths well, some not.
    Changed the way it load the CSS into the highslide template (just path vars)
    to fix that, using vboptions->bburl for full path.

    To upgrade you need to:
    - upload (and overwrite) the folder /clientscript/highslide/
    Then, re-import the new 1.2.8 product (allow overwrite = yes).

    v1.2.7 (August 26th, 2008)
    - Added. Option to exclude certain styles from apply all the image-resizer thing.
    That way you can exclude you "mobile" style (mobile style hack @
    and not overload that with all the javascripts from lightboxes.
    Down side: images in those excluded styles will not be resized.
    - Added. CSS Class for resized images. You can easily customize your needs for HOW
    to display a downsized image, borders, spacers, and many others only using
    the defined CSS Class.
    CSS class for img tags are:
    tcattdimgresizer ->normal IMG tag
    tcattdimglink -> IMGLINK tag
    - Fixed. Proper fieldset in UserCP options for Image Resizer. Now really fixed (i hope).
    - Fixed. Using "resize in same window" for signatures not downsize well the image
    after user click to go back from full size to small size.
    - Fixed. Not a fix really, but implemented the downsize of image attachments in vbadvanced
    news module. I'm not using vbadv anymore, that's why i don't "see" that before.
    - Fixed/Added. Fix the Not Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
    Added an option to choose a new javascript metod to resize images, that's
    100% valid. Is optional, so you can keep the old and nice Ncode mode,
    or change it to the new one.

    To upgrade you need to:
    - upload (and overwrite) the file /clientscript/ncode_imageresizer.js
    - upload the new file /clientscript/tcattd_imageresizer.js
    Then, re-import the new 1.2.7 product (allow overwrite = yes).
    Check (and re-save) your AdminCP options.

    1.2.6 (July 28th, 2008)
    - Added. New autocreated on install BBcode: [IMGLINK]
    This BBcode will "solve" the know issue number one, about embed images with a link
    tag arround them to use as button[/COLOR]
    In vB's Blog.
    In vB's Album.

    More Details
    See the included readme.txt for more details, configuration, changelog (from nCode vb3.6.x) and other things (copyrights and license info for Highslide / Lytebox / etc).

    Thanks to Spleasure for the permission to use his javascript and work.
    I made another mod, more minimalistic, for resize external posted images
    in several vbulletin website that i manage. But my javascript skills are
    nor really the best, so i was using some other JS functions that i found
    online. But nothing like nCode's one.

    So he gave me permission to use his JS, and to use the first fork I did
    from nCode's plugin-product for vbulletin 3.6.x. So i drop my own
    minimalistic version of the image-resize plugin-product, polished the fork (put options and more friendly for admins), and make a
    "second version" of nCode's one.

    And this is it: nCode Image Resizer -> The Image Resizer.
    Now powered with Lytebox, Highslide and many more! (optional)

    Will be given by me... and all the nice and beautiful community here at that is using this mod and be kind enough to help each other.
    I have a work, a family and a small Cat that takes a lot of milk, so don't spec an immediate response for every problem. Bugs will be solved. Suggestions could be taken or not.
    And obviously: don't ask or request things if you don't mark this mod as installed


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