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    Many people are concerned over the lack of integration of the blog system with the main forum software. I see many posts asking "how do I get my blogs to show up in new posts?"

    Basically you need to utilise the blog RSS feed and get it to post a blog as a post.

    This is how to do it.

    From your admincp - RSS Feed Manager
    Add a new RSS Feed
    Feed enabled: Yes
    URL of feed:
    Check every: 30 mins
    Feeds to fetch: 0
    Username: choose or make a new one - blog bot or something
    Forum: chose an existing one or make a new forum and select options as you see fit, or see below.
    Allow Smilies: yes
    Display Signature: no
    convert html to bb code: yes

    Title template: {rss:title}
    Body template:
    url={rss:link}]Click here to be taken to the Blog...[/url
    url=""]Name of your forum [/url]
    In the next sections, pick what you want but also make sure you do the following
    Thread action delay 1
    Close thread after delay: yes

    Making a new forum
    When making a new forum for your blog posts, chose the setting your want for other users, but make sure of the following:

    Act as forum: yes
    Index New Posts in Search Engine: yes
    Forum is open: yes

    You can chose whether the forum is hidden or visible, but make sure the username you specified above is in a group that can post to this forum.


    I didn't want others to post so they have no post permissions. To get to the blog, they click on the link in the post and get taken there directly. To be able to see the posts they must have.

    Can View Forum: yes
    Can View Thread Content: yes
    Can View Others' Threads: yes
    Can Search Forums: yes

    A working version is at
    My blog forum (so that you can see an example of the posts made is at
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    这个怎么没文件呢  就这样就可以了吗?