Aqua Soft v4 Skin 正式版 8-28+中文按钮

本帖由 Xiao.T2008-01-27 发布。版面名称:vBulletin 3.7.X 风格下载

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    我已经购买Aqua-Soft Skin,免费提供给大家使用.大家如果转载.希望能够保留本站连接 WWW.92AN.COM

    风格演示: Aqua-Soft Forums


    Installation instructions, for vBulletin 3.7
    1. First upload the as4 folder of images to your site. ( ~/forums/images/ folder goes here. )
    2. Next Login to the admin panel of your forum. Select Download/Upload which is under Styles.
    3. Once there, select the browse button and find the file Aqua-Soft v4 Style.xml.
    4. After that go ahead and press the Upload button. And then the style will be installed.
    5. To make the skin the default, click Modify under Styles and find the Aqua-Soft v4 skin and set it as the Default skin there.
    中文按钮 感谢Labbs

    Updated 7-28-08
    - Fixed caption bar, where if users didn't specify site name, it would screw up the logo and toolbar items.
    - Fixed CSS issue, where some of the css was not included within the xml file.

    Note: For those who do not wish to update, please add the following to your CSS, some vb installs did not import the following.

    .bigusername { font-size: 15px; }
    td.thead, th.thead, div.thead { padding: 4px; }
    .pagenav a { text-decoration: none; }
    .pagenav td { padding: 2px 4px 2px 4px; }
    .shade, a.shade:link, a.shade:visited { color: #777777; text-decoration: none; }
    a.shade:active, a.shade:hover { color: #ff4400; text-decoration: underline; }
    .tcat .shade, .thead .shade, .tfoot .shade { color: #dddddd; }
    .fieldset { border-color: #8b8b8b; border-style: solid none none none; border-width: 1px 0px 0px 0px; margin-bottom: 6px; }
    .fieldset legend { padding-left: 8px; padding-right: 8px; }
    .fieldset, .fieldset td, .fieldset p, .fieldset li { font-size: 11px; }
     Updated 8-27-08
    - Fixed bug where posted by text would not show when no post title set.
    - Added banner locations for signature and first post message.
    - Updated template changes for vBulletin 3.7.3
    Note: You can use the patch in the first post, to upgrade your skin to vbulletin 3.7.3 if you were already using the latest version prior to this update. If not, please use the regular skin package and upgrade from that.

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    编辑footer模板. 里面有. 你删除就行了
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    谢谢 :lol:
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    是說,這風格還不支援3.7 的意思 ?
  7. Xiao.T

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    恩.Aqua-soft 要等3.7正式版后,才会更新风格.
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    闲来没事,汉化了一下 Aqua-Soft v4 正式版的按钮




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    it's chinese skin(button),,, Who has English skin?
    if you have english button, plz upload button.
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    I have uploaded English button.
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    thanks L.J~!!!
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    Aqua-Soft Skin for 3.70 最新的什么时候出来呀?
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    更新aqua soft V4
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