IP.Nexus 1.5.3 Retail 商城插件 ioncube, zend 和zend53三个加密版本

本帖由 Xiao.T2012-09-28 发布。版面名称:IP.Board 插件发布

  1. Xiao.T

    Xiao.T 管理员 技术员

    IP.Nexus is an app for the IPS Community Suite that provides a range of tools that help you monetize your community. Sell subscriptions, products, advertising space, collect donations, provide support to users and much more.

    These are the Versions ioncube, zend and zend53.
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  2. nulled

    nulled 正式会员

    nice work
  3. Xiao.T

    Xiao.T 管理员 技术员

    能解密吧. 分享一份
  4. nulled

    nulled 正式会员

    解密完了,最近比较忙,没时间fix ~~~~(>_
  5. xu2steve

    xu2steve 新人

    iconcube 与 zend 版本有什么区别!?