Smart Slider 1.2.1 - J!1.5/2.5x

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  1. Xiao_Li

    Xiao_Li ZIY 贵宾

    The smart slider is well named, seriously smart looking with powerful features that provide a professional and visually stunning module guaranteed to smarten up your web presence.

    We got a lot of requests to make a fancy and customizable slider. You said that the other sliders on the market at are very limited in features and it would be good if we make an all-in-one solution for every slider types. After some planning and brainstorming we decided that we will make the best slider on the market.




  2. magellan456

    magellan456 普通会员

    A really good Plugin ! Thanks!
  3. mrtoh71

    mrtoh71 新人

    thank you very much!!