JA Social 2.5.1 - J!2.5x

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    JoomlArt - JA Social v2.5.1 for Joomla 2.5 | 34,5 MB

    With JA Social, everyone is a winner. Probably the best social template for Joomla!,
    featuring custom style for JomSocial, Agora Forums & K2 component.
    We have even developed 6 new extensions especially for JA Social template and updated a few to suit JA Social.

    JA Social is running on our new T3 V2 framework and template backend is a delight. Facebook like,

    facebook share, tweet and Comment Plugin (disqus, intensedebate or js-kit) are updated to work with joomla! articles or k2 articles and even both.


    DEMO http://adf.ly/6JTKF

    DOWNLOAD 1 http://adf.ly/6JTCf
    DOWNLOAD 2 http://adf.ly/6JTI2