YouJoomla MyFrontpage SlideShow v3

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    YouJoomla MyFrontpage SlideShow v3 - Nov PreRelease
    Great news for everyone who is using MYFP module. Since I have been "pushed" to enhance the mod for some special addons , I used the time to completely redo the module , layouts and options. Now looking at it I should have done it long time ago.

    • Joomla and K2 news items support
    • 3 layouts
    • List ( shows news items as ul list )
    • Leading ( Shows first item as leading and rest as ul list )
    • Block ( shows all items as block with options to adjust different image size , intro text chars , title , red more link for first news item)
    • Cross browser compatible
    • Clean and well commented CSS
    • Run multiple instances of the module on 1 page
    • Unlimited columns
    • Choose specific category only
    • K2 image source ( choose what K2 image size to use)
    • Image resize function does not disort the image , it only resizes the image container
    • Image Mootools tooltip that shows news category and news item title
    • Multiple news item ordering types
    • Random or Joomla category ordering

    This module can replace all previous newsflash modules easy! I have tested the options as much as I could , if you have suggestion please advise I canot promise anything but I will do my best to accommodate your request before the official release.
    There is no need to uninstall the old module. Simply install this one and it will take affect immediately.

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