install Inferno ShoutBox in all page

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    hi, just want to ask, where to put in forumhome. Instruction told to put below $navbar forumhome style. but i cannot find $navbar.

    instruction here
    1) Upload the files which are inside the 'upload' folder.
    2) Import the product 'product_vBShout' via your admincp.
    3) Go to the template: FORUMHOME
    Then Find: $navbar
    Add this underneath the code:

    You can place Inferno vBSHOUT on any of your forum pages, but by default it is on the index page.

    I manage to put in main page but i want to put in all page.:eek:_O:
    does any one here have better instruction. i using vb ver 4.1.4 and Inferno ShoutBox ver 2.5.2, style : royal flush