Imagevuex X2.7.4

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    Basically patches a few circumstantial bugs, and includes some minor improvements and adjustments.

    • Fixed SWF for empty link attribute - Forum
    • Added jQuery hide for html content before SWF appears. The html displays on $(window).load(), apparently after the SWF has taken over.
    • Fixed bug with Imagebuttons where it goes into infinite button loop if fotomoto is enabled and ONLY fotomoto imagebutton is set, but photo not for sale ….
    • Addthis is back to lazy loading (i.e. page doesn’t wait for it to load)
    • Addthis uses addthis_user from config
    • Fotomoto-like Share config option – if you don’t have ‘share’ button in Image or Maincontrols, enabling share will add those buttons too
    • Fixed Long folder descriptions do not touch the window’s egde in HTML gallery
    • Fixed Missing error message in admin login
    • Fixed folder permissions issue on some systems
    • Removed chmod from config, now Imagevue sets 777 for folders and 666 for files it creates.
    • Admin changes according to the folder or section you're in
    • Autotitling uses IPTC:ObjectName as well as other fields.
    • SMTP config is not created anymore if there is nothing to store
    • When copying/moving files, link to the target folder is displayed in the notification message
    • Imagevue remembers if you copy or move files
    • Empty attributes are not being shown in XML
    • Fixed Share > More button
    • Fixed custom [icon] in Textpage title
    • Removed sub & sup from HTML editor
    • Bigger hover buttons in HTML gallery when lightbox is enabled
    • HTML lightbox view displays titles instead of descriptions
    • Colorbox is loaded only when enabled
    • Clickback tracking added to Addthis sharing
    • HTML gallery is viewable on iPhone again
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