Drupal is pretty terrible.

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  1. sevensig

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    Why do so many people use Drupal? None of the modules really work with each other, and if a module does work pretty well, you can guarantee that the developer won't keep it up.

    What a sham.:yuush:
  2. solepixel

    solepixel 普通会员

    I couldn't agree with you more!
  3. ihmdbt

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  4. adimlee

    adimlee 普通会员

    I think Drupal is pretty good :)
  5. adventuremonkey

    adventuremonkey Ziy VIP

    Drupal is a framework for building generated/dynamic webpages. People who take the time to learn it, find it saves them time and is very flexible. It also has a huge advantage in terms of documentation, even if most of it is pretty terrible.
    Most of these people don't use community provided modules because the modules are too slow(as they are so generalized) and as you say, tend to not to be updated.
  6. juliusgy

    juliusgy 普通会员

    Well i happen to find Joomla to be extremely cluttered and non developer friendly. If you're a programmer i think Drupal is very good, i've done about 10 sites in it for customers so far. The best thing about it is integration with PHP code.
  7. mildtoe

    mildtoe 正式会员

    Drupal is a nightmare. Theming changes that should have been easy to do are nearly impossible. Also search for this blog post on Google: "7 reasons to switch from Drupal to Yii - Eric Kennedy".
  8. freeballt

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    Not updated often and too slow... reasons not to use it.