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    Identical to this Mod here, but now for the Vbulletin 3.8 line.

    If you install this PLEASE
    Click Install.

    This mod bridges your Vbulletin users over to Wordpress. You can also use Vbulletin as your comment engine instead of the spammy one built into Wordpress. You can display the comments inline in your post. You need not use the comment feature, if your only interested in sharing users.

    You can map your Vbulletin Usergroups to Wordpress Usergroups and those users will then be recognized as registered Wordpress users.

    For example, user "Joe" registers at your forum and logs in. Joe then clicks on your Wordpress page. Joe is instantly added to the Wordpress user base with the permissions you set for his usergroup. In otherwords, if a user comes over belonging to the "Registered User" group, you can select that he is placed in the Wordpress "Subscriber" usergroup.

    If you change a users group from vbulletin, it will automatically change in Wordpress.

    • DOES NOT and WILL NEVER support Wordpress MU.
    • Wordpress and Vbulletin scripts must reside on the same physical server.
    • Wordpress and Vbulletin must use the same domain name.
    • Stable Wordpress Version greater than or equal to 2.7.
    • DOES work for Vbulletin 3.7.
    • Please don't ask if it works for any BETA versions of Vbulletin. I do not know and will not convert this to the latest version of VB (whatever it is at the time you are reading this) until the version is released as non-beta.
    • Does not work with XMLRPC.
    • Chances are, this will not work when VB and Wordpress are located in different sub domains. I.E. forum.yoursite.com - blog.yoursite.com. Cookie issue.
    • I did the best I could in determining your forums file path with the script. There may be certain script setups that cannot find the file path properly, in which case you may get errors that the script cannot find or open /config.php. If this is the case, please HARDCODE your ABSOLUTE path to the forum in vbridge.php.

      To do this find:
     ## If you are having path problems, uncomment this next variable and define the path
    # $vwd = '/some/path/to/your/forum';
    And uncomment the last line, and change the path to your forums path:

    ## If you are having path problems, uncomment this next variable and define the path
    $vwd '/some/path/to/your/forum';


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